CROSS TIMBERS WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT SERVICES (CTWMS) specializes in wildlife and land management issues. CTWMS can assist in enhancing your property by developing a comprehensive wildlife management plan that will not only qualify your property for tax exemption benefits but also for Texas Parks & Wildlife Department programs. With CTWMS there is no micromanaging of contractors required; you simply benefit by accomplishing your goals more quickly. CTWMS specializes in both wildlife and livestock management. CTWMS provides a variety of services that will help the landowner get the most out of managing their property.  Wildlife management plans are written by owner Jose Cano Jr, a wildlife biologist with over 35 years of experience.

Jose Cano Jr. began his career in 1978 with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department following his service in the U. S. Army in Vietnam. He retired from TPW&D as a Natural Resource Specialist V in 2006 to start Cross Timbers Wildlife Management Services. During his 28 years with TP&WD he gained experience in many different aspects of wildlife management and ranch management, including managing Aquilla Wildlife Management Area where he promoted game hunting and outdoor youth shooting sports activities.  Jose was responsible for a 4 county area for over 20 years, he conducted wildlife surveys, harvest recommendations, habitat management recommendations for not only game animals but also for non-game and endangered species. At the time of retirement, Jose had 45 active wildlife management plans, totaling 45,265 acres.  Over the past several years with CTWMS, he has developed numerous wildlife management plans for landowners to qualify their properties for 1-d-1 Open Space Agriculture valuation under wildlife management.  He also has developed plans that will qualify properties for Managed Lands Deer Permits through Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. 

In addition to a B.S. in Animal Science from Texas A&I (now Texas A&M Kingsville) and work experience with TPWD and CTWMS he has attended numerous seminars covering: GPS training, white-tail deer necropsy training, photography training and training using different forms of capturing devices. Over the years Jose has given numerous talks to school children and landowner groups concerning natural history and wildlife management practices.



Cross Timbers Wildlife Management Services specializes in all 

aspects of wildlife management including but not limited to:

  • Wildlife Surveys (aerial & ground)

  • Wildlife Management Plans

  • Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP): Qualify ranches for MLDP permits and work with ranches to keep them in compliance

  • 1-D-1 Open Space Agriculture: Qualify property for Agriculture Valuation under Wildlife Management.

  • Habitat Management for Game and Non-game management

  • Endangered Species Management

  • Cattle Grazing Management

  • Predator Control (Aerial and Ground)

  • Food Plot Management

  • Score Deer:  (Certified scorer for Texas Big Game Awards Program)

  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

    (certified to collect samples post-mortem)

  • Breeder Deer Pen Inspections

  • Project Management (oversee special projects for the landowner)

Jose Cano Jr. provides all services.
He has over 35 plus years of experience in all aspects of wildlife management.





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